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Our Customers Say
you guys are great thank you! i got the delivery.. nice doing business with you for the last 4 years.
CHRISTIAN, USA, 24/01/14

Yes, we got all the smokes! Thank-you so much for selling these..we really enjoy them and will order again soon.
Christine, USA, 22/01/14

was pleased, the order arrived on time in good shape, new order to follow soon, thank you
Edward, USA, 18/01/14

I am very impressed with your service, thank you very much! I picked them up today and will be placing another order soon.
Brian, USA, 17/01/14

The delivery took about three weeks. No problems with the shipment. Thanks.
Robert, USA, 14/01/14

My friend usually orders from this website and she told me that the cigarettes are very good. I placed my first order recently. Received my cigarettes. Very happy with them. Will be ordering again soon.
Daniel, USA, 10/01/14

Cigarettes were delivered on time without any problems. Thank you, guys.
Karen, USA, 20/12/13

Thank you very much for the confirmation the shipping address is correct, I absolutely love your company and the fact that you don't rip off customers. Your favorite customer of all.
Laura, USA, 03/12/12

Just a brief "thank you" for assisting me. My missing parcel arrived today -- and I'm once again a happy customer. I will resume regular purchases through effective immediately. Thus far, you remain (not to mention maintain) the absolute best online retailer of your kind I can find. Take good care for now . . .
Peter, USA, 02/28/12

Three cartons of Marlboro's arrived in good shape yesterday! All is well. That is the full shipment. Thanks for keeping in touch. Very Excellent Customer Service!
Joy, USA, 13/02/12

You're the Best! Thanks so much.
DIANE, USA, 05/02/11

I want you to know how much I appreciate your kindness, It is a pleasure doing business with you.
Thank you,
Louise, USA, 09/12/11

Thank you very much. My experience with you has been very trustworthy and professional over the past couple of years.
KAREN, USA, 10/15/11

Thank you letter: Thank you very much for your NICE follow up letter. And it is a pleasure doing business with you. You are very professional and courteous.
Have a nice day !!!
Alan, USA, 09/25/10

I forgot to send in an email confirming my reception of my purchase but my cigarettes came in a timely manner, were packaged well and exceeded my expectations for pricing and such. Although it was a bit surprising to see that they were in a different language that i am accustomed to, everything was how it was stated it would be. reliable, timely, and well priced. Cigarettes for less should be visited by all smokers looking for great deals.
KIPP, USA, 09/25/10

Thank you very much!!! I am glad I took the time to contact you about the problem instead of going with another supplier. Most vendors these days could care less about customer service and quality.
Thanks again and I am completely satisfied with your decision. I have another order due in any time now and I am just hoping this is not a repeated incident.
Den, USA, 09/25/10

Thank you,
I have received the rest of the shipment just as described! I will be ordering in the near future. I am very pleased both with your product and now with the professionalism of communication of you and your company.
Best Regards,
Rachel, USA, 09/18/10

Well, even with the increase, it's still leaps and bounds better than buying here. First and foremost is the much better quality of the tobacco there. If you're not a smoker, you wouldn't really understand what I'm talking about. I don't encourage anyone to smoke, but a smoker can really tell the difference in the better quality of the European tobacco. It could be much better here, but unfortunately, all these manufacturers care about is MONEY!!!
Have a nice day!
Jim, USA, 08/25/10

I am VERY pleased with your service! Thank you for being such a good company to deal with!! Altho it takes a while to get my's VERY worth the wait!
Thank you for such good attention to your customers!!!
Tam, USA, 08/20/10

Want to thank you for the service that you have gave always on time.
Richard, USA, 07/07/10

Good Day! This Is Paul!! I Just Want To Say A BIG THANK YOU For Your Wonderful Support!! It Is Nice To See That At Least You Stand Behind The Products That You Sell!! You Have The Best Customer Support I Have ever Seen and Dealt With!! Thank You So Much I Greatly Appreciate It BYE Have a GREAT Day BYE
Paul, USA, 06/17/10

Thank you once again for providing us with such a high quality affordable product from a reliable and trustworthy company and for always providing me with the very best of customer service.
GEORGE, USA, 05/29/10

Been Your customer for about 5 years, orders always arrive on time,never missed a package.
Great service!
Yevgeniy, USA, 04/23/10

I really needed this order too,so it arriving earlier than I expected was a wonderful surprise. Thanks for running such an efficient and courteous internet store. It's always a pleasure to do business with you.
Thanks again,
Jo, USA, 03/11/10

Wow, I am very impressed with your customer service!!!!
Thank you for the fast answer, I will be ordering from your company again!!!..
HELAINE, USA, 03/24/10

Again, Thank you for your quick response to this matter. Your customer service is commendable and I will pass this on to my friends that are interested in doing business with you.
Thanks again,
Stephen, USA, 02/09/10

Thank you very much. I am glad I took the time to contact you about the problem instead of going with another supplier. Most vendors these days could care less about customer service and quality.
Thanks again and I am completely satisfied with your decision. I have another order due in any time now and I am just hoping this is not a repeated incident.
John, USA, 01/11/10

Hello everybody,
Just wanted to say thanks for your great service, I have been receiving my orders in about 2 1/2 weeks every time, and I am very happy with that. I have told a few friends about it, I know one of my friends ordered, don't know about the others, but I have been telling everybody who I know is a smoker. I hope everybody is doing good where you are, here in Kentucky it is pretty cold for this time of year.
Merry christmas to you,
Gisela, USA, 12/20/09

Just wanted to let you know that I did receive my order today. Thank You for your fast response, as always! I will be placing another order ASAP....Love your product and service! Just thought that I would let you know. Keep up the GREAT work! Let your staff know this as well...keeps them motivated.
Tara, USA, 11/27/09

I just want to tell you that I appreciate your professional service and integrity and of course your great price. I am a customer for a year already and you have always stood by your commitments in case of a package not arriving.
Eliezer, USA, 11/09/09

I Have NEVER had any problems with my orders or support from you. I think your services are above most internet communications. It's greatly appreciated.
Luv u guys, especially lovely Diana, who always helps me when I need it. Take care, and look forward to receiving the cigs for me and my little mama.
Bunny, USA, 10/05/09

The smokes arrived just like you said they would in about 30 days. They are very fresh tasting and good quality and the very best price on Earth i have seen. Thank You so much for being here for me!
Jane, USA, 09/22/09

I received the rest of my order today. I've also referred several of my friends to your site. I was somewhat skeptical at first but everything was great and the customer service was a welcomed surprise. Thank you for everything.
Grag, USA, 09/03/09

You have a customer for life now .... what great customer service.... you need a raise....LOL.. Have a super day.... What city and state are you in???
LISA, USA, 08/14/09

I am pleased with the quick delivery, and satisfied with the quality of the cigarettes I recieve. They are better then what I have pusrchased here.
Wan, USA, 08/05/09

My order finally went through. It was in the name of Maridell for 2 cartons of the above cigarettes for $37.60. I wish to thank Nataly for her help on this order.
Maridell, USA, 07/29/09

Cigarette shipment was received from Ukraine. They smoke mild and flavorful like first class cigarettes. Thank you,
Carl, USA, 07/27/09

I have been and remain extremely happy with the company, products, service, personal attention provided and look forward to continued business.
Larry, USA, 07/08/09

I AM EXTREMELY PLEASED, about the way that they taste, they are slightly less stronger than the normal Marlboro lights that I smoke, which is ok... considering they have the dark filter instead of the white filter I normally smoke, I thought there might be a problem going thru customs, cause you sent 6 cartons at one time, but evidently there was not, I will DEFINITELY be ordering from you in the future, since the 10 cartons I ordered is a 3 month supply for me... THANK YOU VERY MUCH
KRISTIN, USA, 06/18/09

I have received my order and I have reordered again. Thank you for your service. You do as you say. Keep up the great job. Thanks again
HOSMER, USA, 06/13/09

Hello again, I have already emailed you to let you know that I have already received the cigaretts, I want to thank you again I am happy with the product and intend to repeat the business,
thank you kindley.
Attar, USA, 06/03/09

We just got our order, and I have to say we are so very happy with it. We're telling everyone we know...
You have a GREAT business here, and we want to help spread the word to get you more business.
Thanks again
Tim, USA, 05/21/09

Hi Support,
I recieved my shipment and am very pleased.
Thank you so much for adding that personal touch. It makes ordering on the net much more satisfying. I will definitely order again, just sooner . Lol.
With grattitude,
Michelle, USA, 04/01/09

I am satisfied this is a legitimate site and that delivery is made. I am impressed and surprised with the quality and taste of the cigarettes. I will be placing my next order within the next few days.
I will also be recommending this site to all of my friends and others that can appreciate it.
PHILIP, USA, 03/17/09

We are already so happy to be doing business with you so I was so surprised when this latest order came in 2 weeks!
Wow, I didn't think it was possible to get something delivered where we are so fast. This is such a wonderful company especially with you taking care of the customers. I want you to know we are sharing our happiness with many friends and directing them to your site.
Thanks and take care,
Amy & George, USA, 02/09/09

I am Barbara. I ordered ( last week. It came this afternoon in very good condition. This was very quick and timely.
Thank you for doing a good job. It is a pleasure doing business with your company.
Barbara, USA, 01/16/09

thank you very much .
i didnt think that it would be all that untill i got mine in the mail . it very good better too then the cig i get around here . hope you all dont change the way you make them. i will ordwer from you all .
thank you very much .
Addison, USA, 01/06/08

First I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your always prompt response to any question & I have I always would like to say you as far as I can tell you do an excellent job with customer support & I appreciate your time and help. Thank you for the info & will be doing more business with you soon.
Hope you have a wonderful day.
Diane, USA, 01/06/08

I also want to let you know that I have received the best communication and fastest delivery from your company, than any of the other European companies that I have dealt with. Please keep up the good work.
Thank you
Cathlene, USA, 01/06/08

Hello Diana, I appreciate all your help . It is nice to see a business with kind & caring people .............That is very rare these days sincerely
stephen, USA, 01/06/08

Wow! I am impressed with your quick responses. I have never had such service like this when something has gone wrong. Thank you sooo much. Your company has it together!!
stephen, USA, 10/24/08

thank you I got all the parcels now, pleasure to do business with you, will buy again
GEORGE, USA, 08/17/08

I received my package on Thursday. Thanks for your excellent service and product. I will order from you again. Have a GOOD DAY:-)
Randy, USA, 05/12/08

Package received today. Thank you very much. Your service is getting better and better every day!
Sincerely Yours
Xiqiang, USA, 03/06/08

Thank you. I received them today. With everything going as easily and positively as things have gone with your company and the taste, I will be staying with you.
Thank you for all of your help,
Diane, USA, 02/04/08

Dear Support,
Having several other web-based cigarette vendors with which to compare my experience, I am compelled to send this "Well done" note . I made my first order with in late July, and I received my order yesterday. The whole process was very simple and quick. And your prices are as good as or better than all others I've tried. Sincere Regards,
Stephen, USA, 01/14/08

Please let me know and thank you for being so kind and courteous in all of your emails? Your customer service is fantastic!
Julie, USA, 01/06/08

If the cigarettes could be sent to me, that would be wonderful! Thank you so much for all of your help and your always prompt responses!
I have been ordering from for several months and have been very pleased with all of my transactions. I really appreciate cigarettesforlesst's excellent customer service and your superb customer care and support! Kindest regards,
P.S. Could I get your manager's email address please. I would like to
let him know how pleased I have been with you and the company!
Debra, USA, 01/03/08

I have always had great service from your company and will continue to do so. Please just reship the order and thank you for your prompt response.
My shipping address is the same as the original order.
Again thank you for your prompt attention, this is what makes customers like myself keep coming back.
Kathie, USA, 12/23/07

Thank you for your customer service. It is great! I will let you know if I receive the original shipment.
And FYI, mail problems happen all the time. It's what you do about them that matters. And your company has been superb! I will certainly continue to purchase your products.
Ray, USA, 12/11/07

I am very satisfied with not only rhe product, but the cost, the P.R. , and the way in which you conduct your business. I have recommended your site to several friends who also smoke. Thank you again and if I do receive the other order i will contact you and make payment. Not to worry about monthly shipments. I'll just order as usual.
Brian, USA, 12/02/07

I just want to say your customer service is great and I would recommend you to anyone.
Thanks for your support.
Brenda, USA, 11/30/07

Hello Support,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my order on Nov 16 (Friday). Everything appears to be in good condition.
I am very pleased with the level of customer support I have received, and I appreciate your concern for my satisfaction.
Please pass along to all concerned in your company, that they have just earned a new customer!
Best regards,
Haack, USA, 11/18/07

Hello again,
Thank you for your Quick response to my message.
My cigarettes arrived in mail about 10 min. ago.sorry for any inconvenience to you for having to deal with my complaints about the delivery of my oreder...its just that quite a long time went by from the 1st and 2nd pkg. arriving in the mail...and I was worried that they had got lost or something..please accept my time I will wait longer...THANK YOU again for your quick lets me know that I am doing business with a company that has employes who care about their customers..I will continue to do business with am going to place another order today !! Thank You and have a good day!
Ronald, USA, 10/14/07

Just keep up the good work, your shipping is superior and the cigaretts are always in great shape.
Sorry guys I forgot to tell you how fast I received my last order, it was only two or three days. Your shipping is great.
Dealing with you is great.
Julie, USA, 09/08/07

Just wanted to let you know that my cigarettes arrived on Thursday, August 23, 2007. The service was excellent. Your site was very easy to use and your company website is very professional. I was very happy with the whole process. I saved almost $100. on three cartons!! Thanks for providing cheaper cigarettes.
The Salem Lights were as good as in the US. I will definitely spread the word. What a great idea for a company! I have nothing but praise for your company and website.
Thank you,
Cindy, USA, 08/24/07

Thank you so much...I appreciate your outstanding customer service and quick responses to any questions I have...I wish everyone I dealt with was so kind, responsive and courteous. It's a pleasure to do business with you. Again, thank you.
Evelyn, USA, 03/08/07

My order was received as of today, with no problems or delays! You are the best Company that I have delt with so far, and will do so. This is my second time placing orders with you, and have experience no issues at all. Also everything was done in a timely manner! Thanks so much for the great savings and service! Sincerely Yours
Steve, USA, 03/04/07

Thank you so much for the prompt shipment of my last order. Received today in good order. I am now a loyal customer.
John, USA, 03/01/07

I have received the reship order and am happy that you stand behind your company. I am sure now that something went wrong with the shipping outside of your ability to control. I order a lot on the internet and this is very rare. Thank you.
McLeod, USA, 02/28/07

I received today the re-order. Thank-you for re-shipping. I will go online today and place another order as I love your product and price! My friends that I have referred to you are very happy with their orders and have placed many. You have great customer service and great follow-up when there is a problem with the order. I will continue tell everyone about your service. Thank you again.
Charlene, USA, 02/16/07

I got my first order this week and was very pleased with the marlboro reds. I have told everyone that I know about your site and the great service. My sister is going to place an order for her husband several people at work have ask me for the web address and said they are going to start ordering thir cigs online from you. thank again.
George, USA, 02/19/07

I want to thank you so much for keeping up with my order since this is the first time that I have ever done this before. I must tell you that I have been telling people about you and how you stay on top of your customers orders. I have thought a lot about when I should order my cigarettes for the month. I usually order 5 cartons a month. I have decided that I will order my cigarettes on the first of each month and that way I should get them in a timely manner. I am looking forward for you to have the Misty Menthol 120's and to having the Virginia Slims 120's Menthol. I was also wondering if you will be having Eve's 120's menthol at any time. There are so many people that need to know about your wonderful company and how easy it is to buy the kinds of cigarettes that we enjoy. I thank you all so very much. I am looking forward to my first order to get here. I was scared at first because I have never done this before and I had heard that some of the companies double bill people, but I can see that you don't do that. Thank you once again and I am looking forward to buying my cigarettes from your company and passing the word about you. Have a nice day
Cheryl, USA, 02/15/07

Have already told about 50 friends about your site. You should be getting an awful lot of orders soon. Please let us know when Marlboro Medium 100`s are available. You guys are great and us Texans really send you a great big thumbs up.
Greg, USA, 02/08/07

We got our 3 cartons yesterdayand everything is good! We appreciate your professionalism and will be ordering again from you! Thanks again.
John, USA, 02/02/07

Consequently I completely rely on you and I am very content with your treatment of the customers what is the case of some of your competitors much less serious than you. I will become a very regular customer and will recommend to you. To still excuse my very bad English. So long!
Bill, USA, 01/29/07

Received the rest of our order. I just want to thank you for your fast support and response.
Susan, USA, 01/23/07

Order Arrived,
Thank You, Your Running A Great Business.
Russell, USA, 01/11/07

I have just received my delivery of Winstons. I am very impressed with the reliability and affordability of your products. As you know, cigarettes are very expensive in the USA. Thank you again.
ELLIOT, USA, 01/04/07

Hey guys. this email is just to inform you that I received the cigrettes and too in a perfect condition. thankx for the shipment. Regards,
Ankit, USA, 12/23/06

Hi customer support, I'm happy to reply to your inquiry and report that delivery on my orders is always quite good (under two weeks, average is 1-1/2 weeks).. If there is a problem on an order, which is very rare, customer service reships and the replacement is received within a very timely manner. Hope this information helps.
Rose, USA, 12/15/06

It is a pleasure to do business with cigarettes ALWAYS arrive in record time and in perfect condition. I have ordered many times on line before I found your company and I lost a great deal of money because of shipments never arriving. The ones that did were so slow that I almost always had to purchase cartons here in the US between orders and it cost me more money. Your prices are wonderful and even though the shipping cost went up it is still the best for me because of your super fast shipping and most of all your amazing customer service. I wish you the best of everything in your business and personal lives and hope that the new year brings you many many more customers...I have told my friends and family about your company as well. Again, thank you . Sincerely,
Evelyn , USA, 12/08/06

My cigarettes arrived in exactly two weeks from your shipping date! I was very pleased. Thank you
Arline, USA, 11/26/06

Received my cigarettes today...very fast delivery...will definately purchase again!! thank you!!
Donna, USA, 11/19/06

Hi there just letting you know i recieve my order and thanks for the fast service and the prompt shipment i am gonna do a order on the 5th of dec thanks again for the prompt shipment this is the only place i will do buisness with thanks again warren bryan a smoker in somewhere usa.
Jina, USA, 11/15/06

I received my order today. Thank you so much. I will order more soon. Thank you so much.
I am very happy with your service.
Sincerely yours,
Abdullah, USA, 11/13/06

I have received this order. Thank you very much again pleasure doing business with you.
WALT, USA, 11/07/06

You asked me to let you know when we received the order from you. We received it.
We thank you very much and we will be ordering again soon.
Floyd, USA, 11/03/06 always everything arrived in perfect condition and great shipping time. Thank you. I will be ordering again soon.
Evelyn, USA, 11/01/06

I am impressed with your packaging . 100 arrived today. My wife thought it was somthing else i am expecting. I will let you know when the others arrive the packaging is very good.
Greg, USA, 10/28/06

I recieved my package on the 1st. Thank you so much and I look forward to placing more orders in the future.
Ryan, USA, 10/25/06

AMY, USA, 10/21/06

Just to let you know - parcels 2 and 3 arrived this morning. Thanks again!
Niki, USA, 10/14/06

I recieved my 3 cartons today. Just wanted to say thanks so much for getting this situation taken care of in such a timely manner. I will recommend you to all of my friends and family. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Thanks again!!!
Dave, USA 10/04/2006

regarding below order, I did receive the parcels (3) in a very timely fashion and am very satisfied with everything. I will continue to order with you in the future. Thankyou,
Marilynn, USA 10/03/2006

We received our order.
Thank you once again for great service.
Julie, USA 10/02/2006

Hello, We received the 2 Marlboro and 1 Kent mailed on 9/5/2006. You have made us happy customers again! Thank you!
Tom &
Tina, USA 09/20/2006

I have already told as many as 15 of my friends about tis website and the exceptional service as well as quility of cigarettes.
Eduard, USA 09/15/2006

Thank you very much i had recieved my parcel today 09/14/06. Very good service one more happy customer.
Thank you
Eva, USA 08/23/06

Dear CigarettesForLess,
The order below arrived about 10 days after I placed it. My second order was placed on 17/06/06 and arrived on 27/06/06. Your timing is excellent and I will continue to use your service!
Carmen St. Claire-Rourke, USA 08/13/06

Thank you very much for your product. The way you shipped and handeled the package was excellent. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.
I will be ordering again soon. ( If I don't quit smoking).
Artur, USA 08/05/2006

Hi...This was my second order and, once again my cigarettes arrived in super fast time. I received them on the 31st of August...10 days after I placed my order. Thank you so much for wonderful service and speedy delivery. I am telling all my friends about your website and hope you receive many many orders. I know I am going to reorder again...I am a truly satisfied customer. Again, thank you.
E. Dempsey, USA 07/04/06

You folks are great. Gee, what a concept . . . Customer Service that really does care! Thank you.
Linda, USA 06/20/2006

Amy, USA 05/12/2006

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Hello again, I have already emailed you to let you know that I have already received the cigaretts, I want to thank you again I am happy with the product and intend to repeat the business,
thank you kindley. Attar, USA

We just got our order, and I have to say we are so very happy with it. We're telling everyone we know...
You have a GREAT business here, and we want to help spread the word to get you more business.
Thanks again
Tim, USA

I recieved my shipment and am very pleased.
Thank you so much for adding that personal touch. It makes ordering on the net much more satisfying. I will definitely order again, just sooner . Lol.
Michelle, USA

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